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GQ Business Development

The purpose of this template is to provide clubs with a resource to assist with creating a simple ‘Development Plan’ that will form part of the monthly committee meeting and ultimately provide a structured set of actions to achieve your goals together across a period of 1-3 years.

The Golf Queensland Club Support Team are available to assist with facilitating in developing your plan.

The template is designed in 3 parts:
   1. Information Gathering - A stepped process to assist with gathering information and identifying your objectives; opportunities and priorities.
   2. The Club Action Plan which highlights the most important priorities for your club.
   3. Appendices and Resources

The benefits of developing a simple 1-3-year plan:
   1. Brings us together to reflect on the club business and clarify your common goal.
   2. Establishes benchmark standards for your business.

Who Should be Involved in the planning process?
Before you start the planning process we need to consider ‘who needs to be involved in developing a plan?’ Your club may decide to form a Planning Sub-Committee of 4-5 members.

Although the process should be led by the Committee, it is important that a planning sub-committee include a blend of the current committee and 2-3 general members who have the passion, skill and time to assist with the construction of a plan.

The committee should also appoint a chairperson to coordinate the process and report back to the committee.

How do we use this template?
The template provides a step by step example to help guide you in the creation of your club’s Development and Marketing Plan.

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