Club Views

Club Views, is a club feedback tool designed to help you seek the views of your players, members and volunteers about all aspects of your club experience.

From working with clubs, we know sometimes how the committee or management perceives the club experience may not always be the same as the players, members, visitors or volunteers. By using the Club Improvement Tool and Club Views together you will get a 360 degree picture of how your club is performing. This will help you to identify and reconcile and different perceptions of the club.

Getting feedback on the experience your club offers its players, members and volunteers is vital to help your club grow and develop.

But it’s not enough just to ask for the feedback. Responding to the feedback is all part of the process.

Club Views Survey coming soon....

22 July 2018
NORTH LAKES: Single Stableford: A: D Hallam (10) 42 P Fauenfelder (9) 37cb M Orupold (scr) 37. B: A Livingstone (14) 41 D Clegg (15) 39 G Brigginshaw ... more
19 July 2018
REDLAND BAY: Stroke: A: S Read 66 G Mapson 68. B: D Jennings R Morris 68. C: M Skehan 61 T Crothers 66. Gross: S Hunter 71. NTP: M Skehan (13th), W ... more
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