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Golf Queensland History

Golf Queensland Limited (Golf Queensland) was formed in July 2007 following the successful unification of the Queensland Golf Union and Women's Golf Queensland.

Golf Queensland was established to be the governing State body of golf and of affiliated Member District Associations and Affiliated Golf Clubs in Queensland.

Golf Queensland aims to promote and foster the game of golf, preserve its traditions and encourage existing golfers to realise their potential and athletic abilities and develop golfing talent.

Golf Queensland is dedicated to promoting improved facilities for the enjoyment of golf, while ensuring that environmental considerations are taken into account in all golf and related activities conducted by the organisation.

Golf Queensland also promotes health and safety in golf, and is involved in formulating and implementing appropriate policies. This includes policies in relation to equal opportunity, equity, drugs in sport, health, safety, junior and senior programs, member protection and other matters that arise from time to time as issues to be addressed in the sport.

Golf Queensland has a dedicated team of staff involved in administering the rules of the game and to decide upon questions concerning the interpretation of the rules. The organisation also acts as the delegate of Golf Australia in the administration, interpretation and enforcement of the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by the R&A.

The organisation is also available to adjudicate upon disputes referred by a Member District Association or Affiliated Golf Club in respect to a decision by an association or club.

There is also a department dedicated to managing State golf championship events and other golf tournaments further promoting the golf in Queensland.


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