JGQ 9 Hole Challenge – Bulimba

11 March 2018

The 9 Hole Challenge is a series of 10 junior events sponsored by Revs Golf for participants who do not have a Golf Australia handicap and are fully paid members of Junior Golf Queensland.

The Bulimba Golf Club (Par 3) hosts the second 9 Hole Challenge for 2018.

We have a new event for the first time - 9 Hole Competition for golfers with an official GA Handicap. Limited spots available.

The Bulimba Golf Club is a compact 9 hole par 3 course in inner East Brisbane and provides enough challenge for members and the serious golfer but also encourages and engages the recreational and social golfer. A great place for juniors to learn and grow their skills as well.

Visit the website of the host club - Bulimba Golf Club.



Boys Division 1
Gross Winner – Ryan Argue 30ocb
Gross Runner-up – Rory Mannion 32ocb
Nett Winner – Kianu Genet 20ocb
Nett Runner-up – Christian Skinner 21ocb

Boys Division 2
Gross Winner – Taylor Jantti 37
Gross Runner-up – Bryan Jauregui Silva 44
Nett Winner – Rory Maclean 14
Nett Runner-up – Duncan Zhang 17

Girls Division 1
Gross Winner – Sophie Thomsen 31
Gross Runner-up – Kirra St-Laurent 38
Nett Winner – Gemma Oliver 18
Nett Runner-up - Mia Love 24

Girls Division 2
Gross Winner – Ky-An Vu 42
Gross Runner-up – Cate-Tien Vu 43
Nett Winner – Madeline Clarke 13
Nett Runner-up – Ava Marschke 26

9 Hole beginners (Non Hcap)
Winner – Sam Wilson 35
Runner-up – Matthew Bunkum 52

Winner – Janie Carroll 55

GA Handicap
Gross Winner - Anthony Mannion - 28
Nett Winner - Caleb Marschke - 19

NTP’s 5th Hole
Boy’s Division 1 – Kianu Genet
Girls Division 1 – Sophie Thomsen
Boy’s Division 2 – Aaron Wang
Girls Division 2 – Cate-Tien Vu
GA Handicap - Akis Indrikis

NTP’s 9th Hole
Boys Division 1 – Ryan Argue
Girls Division 1 – Sophie Thomsen
Boys Division 2 – Sam Wilson
Girls Division 2 – Ky-An Vu
GA Handicap - Akis Indrikis

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Player Information

For further information please contact Sally Stringer:
Phone: 0414 555 985
E-mail: sally@golfqueensland.org.au
Website: golfqueensland.org.au/junior

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