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Rules and Handicapping

How does our course apply for a temporary rating?

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Under what circumstances does our course require a temporary USGA course rating? 

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What is meant by the term “differential”? 

Your handicap differential is the difference between your gross score and the course rating (AMCR or AWCR) for the course that you played. So for example if you have a gross score of 85 off the stick in a stroke event and the AWCR is 70, (note this is not the par of the course – see below for definition of AMCR/AWCR) then your “differential” is 15. Simply stated: DIFFERENTIAL = GROSS SCORE – COURSE RATING. The only exception to this rule is when the “tee up through the green” regulation is in effect, in which case the AMCR or AWCR is reduced by 2 shots for that day. You will see the differential for each of your rounds in the “played to” column of your handicap history on
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Is the method of using 'swingers' in four-ball competitions a breach of the Rules of Golf?

Yes, the Rules of Golf do not permit a player being a fellow-competitor and a partner

In order to provide the third player with the opportunity to compete in the event of the day and/or avoid groupings of six players when the single player withdraws because he/she is not allowed to participate in the competition, the following arrangements are suggested:

i) Players without a partner shall be issued with a score card upon which this player’s score for each hole shall be recorded by one of the other members of the group. The player shall be responsible for the return of the card in accordance with Rule 6-6.

ii) By lot, draw players who are without partners to form a side/s in the competition even though they are playing in different groups.

iii) Compile Four-ball score cards for each side formed in this manner, from the scores recorded on the individual score cards.

iv) In the event of a further player still not having been allocated a partner under the above procedure, the Committee should form a side for this player by randomly drawing another player from within the competition field and compiling a Four-ball card from the appropriate score cards. In such a case, only the previously un-partnered player is eligible to receive a prize won by this pair. 

Although this procedure does not allow the relevant players the benefit of advice and assistance that a usual fourball competition gives, it enables and encourages a form of participation for all entrants.

The Club Committee would need to draw up a condition of the competition that permits such sides.

Additionally, a Club may consider programming a Singles competition in conjunction with a Pairs competition - if this occurs, players without partners will be provided the opportunity of playing in a daily competition. This option also allows clubs to provide a greater service to members, provides clubs with a further revenue stream option, and provides more players the opportunity of winning daily prizes. (Note: where a Pairs competition is played in conjunction with a Singles competition the Rules of singles stroke play must be adhered to.)


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