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Clermont Golf Club volunteer recognised for dedication

Clermont Golf Club's leading groundsman, Trevor Maguire, was recognised on Saturday at the Central Highlands District Annual General Meeting. Trevor received a certificate of appreciation as part of Golf Queensland's Volunteer Recognition Program. (Pictured right with Golf Queensland Board Director, Carmel O'Keeffe). Congratulations Trevor and thank you for your ongoing dedication to the game of golf. 

Trevor Maguire has been a member of the Clermont Golf Club since the late seventies and during that time he has been an active member of the management committee on a number of occasions. More importantly however, his contribution to the club has been in the form of maintenance of Clermont Golf Club's nine-hole golf course.

For the first twenty or so years, Trevor contributed to the ongoing care of the course as a member of a team. In more recent years since retiring, he has taken on the role of leading groundsman. Very rarely does a day go by when he is not at the golf course mowing, spraying or fertilising fairways and greens. The standard to which he and a very small group of volunteers keep the Clermont golf course receives acclaim by many visiting players to the club. Maintaining a quality golf course in a harsh climate takes dedication and commitment, which Trevor continually displays. 

When the club has not had the necessary equipment for certain jobs, Trevor has used his own to get the work done. As the club has grown and become more viable in recent years, equipment has been purchased which he now maintains to a high degree of expertise, thus saving the club a large amount of money in repairs and general maintenance.

Being out on the course most of the time, Trevor has taken it upon himself to police the honorary greens box where visiting players pay to play. He has the knack of requesting payment from those who may have 'forgotten' in such a way as not to offend and visitors to the club have often commented on Trevor's friendliness and welcoming manner.

If you would like to nominate a volunteer, please CLICK HERE to find out more about the Volunteer Recognition Program.



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