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WGN helps Rosita get the golf bug

Player Profile: Rosita Van Kuilenburg


When did you start playing golf?

I first swung a golf club in the mid-eighties when I enrolled in a 'introduction to golf lessons' at a driving range near Albany Creek. The only thing I remember from those lessons was the golf professional telling me I was a 'slugger'!
Following that I didn't swing another golf club until about four years ago whilst visiting friends in Goondiwindi. They had just been bitten by the golf bug and I thought I'd tag along just for a morning stroll as my health wasn't the best at the time. Before they reached the fourth hole I was chipping behind them and by the fifth tee I had a driver in my hand to hit a perfect shot and my golf addiction began. I bought a beginners golf set the very next weekend.

What motivated you to play golf?

I'm quite sports minded having played different team sports including representative soccer. My days of three games per week finally caught up with me causing chronic injuries of both my knees and hips resulting in a right hip arthroplasty (artificial ball and socket) in November 2009.

My rehabilitation was smooth involving Pilates and strength training but the desire to be outdoors playing sport was ever present. My beginner’s golf set had been gathering dust since I bought them so it was time to bring them out as I was walking pain free for the first time in a number of years and without the hip brace that I needed before my hip operation.

How did you get involved in WGN?
These days all adventures begin on the internet - I Googled for 'woman’s golf Brisbane' with the first result being Women’s Golf Network (WGN). The WGN website had everything I was looking for to get into golf. With my golf clubs dusted I ventured to the WGN sessions every Monday evening for my second attempt at beginner golf lessons.
The WGN golf lessons with golf professional, Lee Harrington, were challenging but Lee provided an atmosphere to make learning the game of golf relaxed, enjoyable and with lots of laughter. I certainly looked forward to Monday evenings and the WGN golf lessons, no matter what the weather threw at us.
Were you a member anywhere before this?

No, WGN was my first golfing group. I joined in January 2010.

Are you a golf club member anywhere now?

After being involved with WGN for 10 months I joined McLeod Country Golf Club. With WGN I felt confident enough to join a golf club.

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