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Junior Golf

Golf is a great game for juniors/students/children as it is a healthy game that one can play for their whole life. Apart from providing the gift of a lifetime recreation, golf has special qualities that can have powerful and lasting impacts on young people’s self-image, personal development and confidence.

It is a game that has the ability to teach young people the fundamental values in life such as; honesty, integrity, self-respect, confidence, sportsmanship and consideration for others.

Junior Golf Queensland (JGQ) was established by Golf Queensland Limited to provide a coordinated approach to junior development and participation in the state.

JGQ will offer junior golfers access to information relating to junior golf events, clinics and importantly other golfing opportunities within their communities.

It will help provide parents, junior coordinators, coaches and teachers with a wide range of information that will assist in the development and establishment of better and stronger junior golf programs within communities in Queensland. Further, establishing a network of coaches and junior coordinators will enable Golf Queensland and their affiliated bodies to grow and strengthen junior golf.

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