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There is no doubt that when students are introduced to golf, they love it. Any school or teacher, no matter the location or facilities can teach golf to their students.

How do I get golf into our school?
It’s easy. The first step in getting involved is to make contact with Golf Queensland.

Golf Queensland will provide you with information, guidance and assistance to help your school establish a MyGolf Schools program within your curriculum.

For more details on introducing your school to the game of golf, please contact Golf Queensland on (07) 3252 8155 or email

Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia are proud to offer our national junior participation program of MyGolf within schools all across Australia.

The MyGolf Schools program is specifically designed to be delivered by teachers for students in grades 3-6 in Primary School and grades 7-10 in Secondary School. The programs offer tailored lessons with age and skill appropriate activities, which are all aligned with the current ACARA curriculum requirements.

For more information on MyGolf Schools programs please visit

Golf Australia and the PGA are excited to be able to offer an introduction to the MyGolf program through the newly created Australian Sports Commission’s Sporting Schools program. Sporting Schools is a Federal Government initiative that will engage more than 850,000 children across Australia in what will be the country’s largest school-based participation programme. The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has partnered with 32 national sporting organisations (NSOs) to offer sporting programmes to children before, during or after school.

Within the MyGolf Sporting Schools program we aim to introduce children to the game of Golf through fun, engaging and challenging games and activities that are easily suited and adapted for a range of age groups and skill levels within the school environment. The MyGolf Sporting Schools program is designed to increase participation and engagement in Golf by children by providing a quality introduction to the game. The Program runs for 4 weeks in school program with an optional 5th week at a local Golf Club or Facility to further enhance the children’s experience.

Local Golf Clubs are encouraged to get involved by registering to provide community instructors to deliver the program to their local schools or either arrange the school visit to the club or provide information to the school regarding how to continue be a part of the MyGolf program beyond Sporting Schools.

For more information please visit -


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